Roadway Design

Roadway Design That Works

At Civil Consulting Group, we specialize in Roadway Design that works. That’s our mindset every step of the way: designing roadways, highways and infrastructure that helps people connect, that helps businesses thrive, and that helps communities grow. For decades, we have done just that, with hundreds of new and rehabilitated roadways to show for it.

We have an engaged, multi-disciplinary in-house team of engineers, designers, and project managers working together on every roadway project, so nothing gets missed, and there’s always an expert sweating the details. We can handle the big and the small: interstate highway construction and rehabilitation, highway interchanges, roadway realignment and widening, and general repair.

No matter the project, our approach is comprehensive, with consideration for: laws and municipal regulations, traffic flow, traffic control during construction, drainage, utility relocation and reconnection, foot and bicycle traffic, and of course project budget and timeline. Our collaborative, team-oriented process brings it all together, every time.

Roadway design services include:

  • State and local roadway design, planning and construction
  • Highway design, planning and construction
  • Turn lanes, roundabouts and traffic control systems
  • Frontage road design
  • Roadway widening
  • Roadway repair and rehabilitation, roadway replacement
  • Signage and pavement marking
  • Bridge layout design and planning