Traffic Control

Keeping Our Communities Moving

When traffic control is implemented well, it has little to no effect on traffic flow during construction. That’s the mission we bring to every traffic management project at Civil Consulting Group: safe and elegant, thoughtfully designed solutions that really work.

Our engineering and design teams specialize in comprehensive traffic control implementations that encompass the needs of drivers, cyclists, pedestrians and communities alike. Every facet of the experience is accounted for: roadway design, detours, traffic signal design and timing, traffic circulation and volume, traffic warning signals, pedestrian/cyclist accessibility, and overall traffic flow. Where needed, our designs are supported by feasibility and traffic impact studies.

As cities and business centers continue to expand throughout the country, effective diversion and management of ever-increasing traffic stress is essential during construction. We have the knowledge, experience, and team in place to keep our fellow citizens moving.

Traffic control services also include:

  • Traffic signal design and timing
  • Traffic warning control
  • Super 2 conversion
  • Roundabouts
  • Off-system bridges
  • Detours
  • Traffic volume and flow studies
  • Feasibility studies
  • Utility design and coordination