Water Resources

Water Resources

Effective stormwater management and drainage design improves the health and longevity of infrastructure. Civil Consulting Group has decades of experience planning and executing drainage and stormwater solutions throughout the state of Texas.

Our approach to drainage and water management design is all about forethought and analysis. Before beginning even the most preliminary draft, we do our own extensive research – our solutions are supported by drainage studies, watershed and floodplain assessment, hydraulic analysis and modeling.

We have extensive experience working with the federal, state, and local governments throughout Texas, and we are pre-certified by TxDOT to perform hydraulic analysis and construction.

Our team has extensive experience performing hydrologic and hydraulic analysis of bridges, culverts, open and closed storm sewer systems. Our iterative design process ensures that bridges are optimized to efficiently convey stormwater while minimizing bridge length and cost.

Drainage Design services include: